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Sedona Health & Healing provides holistic healthcare addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of our clients. Our dedication is to excellence in everything we do, especially a complete commitment to our clients’ wellbeing. We offer loving, compassionate care in an individualized and integrated way to facilitate permanent transformation from within.

We see clients from across North America and beyond – in person when they are in Sedona, and also by Skype when they are in their home city or country. 

Whether you are a visitor or a resident of Sedona, a session at Sedona Health & Healing is sure to be transformative. Many of our clients indicate that their treatments have been life-altering. Our focus is on removing the blocks that are holding you back from realizing the fullness of who you are. We do this using consciousness-based healthcare using kinesiology (muscular bio-feedback) and focus on the highest priorities for healing so that each session is focused on the areas that will bring the most transformation for the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

Sedona Health & Healing uses a range of therapies that draw upon Western medical expertise, Chinese medicine, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, osteopathic practices, chiropractic philosophy, and counseling (spiritual and classical). Our specific modalities include BodyTalk, HeartMath Resilience Mentoring, and Acupunture and Oriental Medicine. Spiritual Counseling and the advanced Parama BodyTalk is available through Jakob Merchant at located at the Surrender Retreat House in Sedona. Our approach is unique, even among those that focus on integrative, holistic therapies. These unique aspects include:

  • Facilitating a change within consciousness that brings about healing – recognizing that the body is a reflection of the mind and as the mind changes, so does the body.
  • Treating the whole person and environment – recognizing that the environment often has to change for healing to occur and addressing the whole person rather than their symptoms.
  • Offering widespread access through alternative approaches, including sessions by telephone, Skype, in person, group treatments and audio downloads for self treatment.
  • Recognizing and utilizing the healing power of Love in treating clients. Lovingness, especially Unconditional Lovingness, has been found to be the most powerful and effective tool in health and healing.

Our clients come from all walks of life and exhibit a range of health issues. A commonality is that they have recognized the importance of whole body health and the role of mind and the body’s energy systems in healing. They could be looking to reduce stress, reduce chronic pain, overcome addictions, heal an illness, or simply move into a more joyful state of being. Many of our clients have seen a dramatic improvement in their level of health. They inspire us to continue our effects to find new approaches to easing suffering.

We currently work with clients’ one-on-one either in person or on Skype or phone. Jakob Merchant also offers customized retreats that can include accommodations, yoga, counseling and BodyTalk at the Surrender Retreat House. 

To make an appointment with one of our practitioners, please visit  To explore whether our services are right for you, contact us for a 15 minute consultation at

Our Practitioners

Jenine Gobbi, B. Comm, CBP, HeartMath Resilience Mentor

Jenine is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP). Her focus is to help others be vibrantly healthy and able to fulfill their unique purpose in the world. She works simultaneously on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects to address blocks to inner peace, a peace that remains no matter what is happening on the outside. It is from this place of peace that one is best able to fulfill their unique purpose. This is true healing! This is her joy and privilege to share!

Jenine was led to BodyTalk through receiving life-altering treatments from Jakob Merchant, the founder of the Health and Healing Clinic in Sedona, Arizona. After a few sessions, she found her outlook on life was completely transformed - which then shifted life itself - and she embarked on BodyTalk training.  She remains astounded and grateful at the healing power of BodyTalk, especially in the hands of a loving, compassionate practitioner.

As far back as Jenine can remember her passion has been to relieve suffering. This passion took her from a child's dream of being a nurse (which she abandoned as a teen) to working with nonprofits. As an adult, she entered the corporate world once she decided that the best way to relieve suffering was to earn a lot of money and give it away. What she eventually discovered is that relief of suffering had to start within. She needed to love and care for herself before she could begin to relieve anyone else's suffering. She learned that love for self and others is the greatest healer and offers the only lasting relief from suffering. 

In Jenine’s own words “Once I had experienced the healing power of love, I was in a place where I could fulfill my unique purpose. It has been such a relief to finally know "what I will be when I grow up". I'll still be right here . . . in the present moment . . . immersed in Love.  Fully able to fulfill my purpose.  I want the same for you”.


Sarah C. Mowdy, MSON,, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. 

The essence and comprehensive nature of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are difficult to convey. The holistic theory and philosophy behind the practice is based on diagnosing and correcting any imbalance possible in human nature. The core issue of a condition may originate from physical, emotional, psychological, mental and/or spiritual sources. Sarah's goal as a practitioner then is to facilitate healing through restoring integrity of the tissues or organs, replacing emotional reactions with greater understanding and compassion for oneself and others, increasing awareness of mental programs underlying conditions and through compassion, relieving pain and suffering.

Jakob Merchant, Reverend, B. Psyc., CPB.

Jakob is an ordained interfaith minister and a certified BodyTalk practitioner. Healthcare was a central theme in Jakob’s early years where he witnessed the compassionate care from his father as a doctor as well as his mother as a nurse. He realized the paradigm limitation of Cartesian-type medicine and philosophy early in age and this set the context for his further explorations. As a teenager, he studied philosophy, psychology and theology. This led to many life experiences including becoming a yoga teacher, studying psychology and biology the University of Salzburg, Utah State University and Excelsior College, as well as in-depth practice in Dr. David R. Hawkins’ work of Devotional Non-duality.

During this time many deep and transformative experiences led him to become an interfaith minister. As an interfaith minister, he further deepened his knowledge and reverence for all of the world religions as well as their contributions to healing and happiness. Most importantly, he learned that true healing needs to be addressed on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The relief of suffering in all its forms has always been a central focus of Jakob’s life: he realized that true healing needs to be a permanent experience. Consciousness-based healthcare is designed to support the self-healing of physical, mental, and spiritual issues and allows a permanent experience of love, peace, and happiness to take its place.

Today Jakob treats people with any kind of ailment from physical diseases to psychological, emotional, and spiritual issues. Many of his clients describe his treatments as life changing. Jakob’s commitment to love and compassion sets the context for all of his sessions, so that his clients may remember that they are already perfect, whole and complete – an expression of love itself.



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Jenine Gobbi

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“Jakob brings to the table a Loving and Caring energy that is very unique in the healing community. In addition to that his intuition skills are out of this world and I can say he truly works from the level of the field. He gives 100% attention to the session and is a expert in his domain. His work on me has been transforming. I have seen changes in my spiritual life, relationships, work/business life and changes on the physical level as well. I can go on and on about the specifics and details but overall each time I have a session with him I know it will change my perception of life guaranteed!” Chetan, Charlotte, North Carolina

Chetan Amalean, 8/31/2015

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