Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park

Sedona is a must-visit place for spiritual seekers the world over, and since 2004, visitors of all faiths have been flocking to Sedona’s Amitabha Stupa. Sitting majestically among the pinion and juniper pines, and surrounded by a landscape of stunning crimson spires, it is a jewel to behold.

A short trek up winding trails brings you to the 36 foot Amitabha Stupa and the smaller Tara Stupa for prayer, meditation, healing, and the experience of peace in a sacred place. The Amitabha Stupa is open every day from dawn until dusk and your visit is free of charge. (Of course, donations to support the stupa are gratefully accepted.)

The stupa is one of the oldest forms of sacred architecture on earth, dating back to the time of the Buddha, 2600 years ago. Stupas are mostly found in the East, where Buddhism first took root and flourished. They are indeed rare in the West. A stupa is considered to be the living presence of the Buddha and as such represents the Mind of Enlightenment. Stupas have been built to avert war, end famine, and promote prosperity and well-being. Their sole purpose is to bring benefit for all living beings, and the mystical accounts of the healing powers of stupas are well documented.

Group Visits & Presentations

The local caretakers of the Amitabha Stupa are available to groups of 4 or more to present "The Inside Story of the Amitabha Stupa" and explain the spiritual provenance of the stupas and why they are so highly revered in the Buddhist tradition. There is no charge for group presentations, although donations are gratefully received. To arrange for a group presentation, please call 1-877-788-7229 or email in advance.

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Latitude: 34.874228 Longitude: -111.807833 Elevation: 4563 ft
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Hours Open to Visitation

Dawn to dusk every day.

ADA Accessibility Notes

Those who have the need can make arrangements to drive right up to the Stupa. To make those arrangements, please call 1-877-788-7229 or email in advance.

Pet Friendly Notes

The Amitabha Stupa welcomes dogs and other pets that are well behaved and on a leash.


The Amitabha Stupa is a place of calm, tranquility and deep peace.

Shelley Sims, 5/17/2015

Magnificent and breathtakingly beautiful! Such a rare jewel.

Michelle , 5/17/2015

There is such an amazing sense of solace, peace and refuge when you come to the Stupa. Even the animals feel it!

Miranda Coates, 12/12/2015

It's an energy vortex. Circumambulating clockwise around the stupa, you can feel the holy presence and energy.

Carrie 12/20/15, 12/13/2015

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