Creative Soul Retreat

Creative Soul Retreat

Offered December 4-6, 2015

At the Agave Center in Sedona, Arizona

The Creative Soul Writing Retreat for women is a one-of-a-kind retreat that helps anyone access their true creativity. You don't have to be especially artistic, poetic, or clear; you simply need a desire to write and delve into self-awareness, even if only for a weekend.

For many, writing is a spiritual practice which leads to a profound experience of timelessness. A single moment of inspiration can become an eternity. The same is true of meditation. For those who practice meditation life can be transformed physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Meditation allows the veil of stress to lift so you canconnect with your true nature and commune with your creative soul.

Best-selling Hay House author and meditation teacher Sarah McLean leads participants into provocative mindfulness practices, deep meditations, and expansive writing exercises to express their creative soul.

She'll show you how to listen to and trust your inner voice, connect to your creative soul, explore your imagination, transcend your inner critic, and spontaneously express yourself from the womb of creativity. You'll write, listen to yourself, and be heard, perhaps for the very first time.


Latitude: 34.863211 Longitude: -111.781301 Elevation: 4444 ft
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Eco-Friendly Notes

This venue is powered  by solar. Also, all food items served are organic and all serving plates are recycled products. 

ADA Accessibility Notes


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