New Discoveries at Montezuma Castle National Monument

Matthew Guebard, archaeologist for the Montezuma Castle National Monument, will describe new discoveries and Native American traditional knowledge of the Montezuma Castle National Monument. With new testing at the Castle and oral stories of the Apache, a new view of the abandonment of the Castle has been proposed. New evidence suggests that the site was not simply evacuated by its inhabitants, as archaeologists have believed for more than 80 years. Instead, recent research shows that its final days were likely fraught with violent conflict and death — an account corroborated by Native American oral histories of the site’s collapse some 600 years ago.

Event time: 6:30 p.m. 

Location: The Lodge at Cliff Castle Casino

Presented by the Verde Valley Archaeology Center

Additional information at or 928-567-0066

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Latitude: 34.606494 Longitude: -111.862328
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Event Dates

9/26/2017 – 9/26/2017

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