Sarah Christine Graham, Licensed Soul Therapist & Generational Healer™

Sarah Christine Graham is a Licensed Soul Therapist, Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator, Professionally Certified Generational Healer™ and global speaker based in Sedona and Phoenix, Arizona. She works with private clients globally teaching seminars and workshops for women who desire to be fully self-expressed and heal emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks from pain and trauma caused by dysfunctional family dynamics. She counsels women as a Spiritual Guide and Soul Therapist, guiding her toward a higher conscious awareness and understanding of her life experiences so that she can emerge out of her pain body, in full emotional and spiritual freedom to live in her heart’s true essence and personal truth.

Sarah teaches seminars monthly at the Sedona Creative Life Center. 

Interested in connecting with her for a private consultation? Book a complimentary one on one phone call with her for Soul Therapy Programs and Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Education for women. If you’re a woman seeking emotional freedom, to speak your truth, be held in sacred space, step into the true essence of your spirit, and are passionate about modeling powerful feminine core values as a woman and Mother, Sarah is available to support and guide you.

Sarah Christine has been mentored by Deborah Skye King, CEO of the International Soul Therapy School and the World's Leading Authority in Soul Therapy.

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