Sedona Art Hikes

The tour is being conducted on the Coconino National Forest, under permit by and in partnership with the Forest.

Braylee Rush (Mary Gravelle), the founder of Sedona Art Hikes, is a renowned artist and avid, experienced hiker. She and her team of expert artist-guides will take you to explore the resplendent red rocks of Sedona in a way like no other! 

As experienced hikers, Braylee and her team will lead you safely into the back country where you will have a unique perspective on seven different hiking locations, all chosen for their scenic and aesthetic value as premiere sites to awaken the art making process.

At a view point Braylee selected and which the U.S. Forestry Service approved, you will be able to create a work of art while being surrounded by nature in all her glory—the emerald green of the trees, the sapphire blue of the sky, and the red Jasper Chalcedony of Sedona’s red rocks. Around you will be one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. Here, let your creativity awaken! Here, create an art piece which will be a lifelong keepsake, a memento of your day, deep within the beauty of Sedona’s red rocks.

Sedona Art Hikes is the only art business in Sedona that has been awarded a Red Rock Outfitters and Hiking permit. By combining her love for creating art and her proven ability as a creativity catalyst, Braylee Rush offers you this opportunity to learn how to listen to your creative muse as you create a work of art in the red rocks. In the non-judgmental environment of an art hike, you are free to explore, to discover yourself during this creative immersion.

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Latitude: 34.756684 Longitude: -111.737618 Elevation: 4259 ft
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Mary Gravelle

Areas of Service and Expertise

Braylee's area of service and expertise is helping you discover the creativity which has always resided in your heart while guiding you through certain sections of one of the most beautiful locations on Earth: Sedona, Arizona. Through her education in Fine Art and career in creativity coaching, she has been graciously prepared to take you on an art hike into Sedona’s red rock country.

In 1992, she understood the need for a creativity catalyst. For that reason, she created a job proposal for her employer, Dieago, a multinational corporation which ranks #228 on the Global 2000. Her proposal was so successful that she was promoted to the newly established position of Creativity Consultant! There, she conducted seminars for everyone from CEO to the janitor to help each person fan the spark of creativity within them. Not only did this help them on their jobs, but it touched a place deep within allowing for a more authentic expression in the outer world around them.

Since then, Braylee has guided adults and pre-teens through individual and group creativity sessions in person, through the Internet, and over Skype. Her mother-daughter seminars have included participants ages 10 on up. Through Sedona Art Hikes, she will offer special hikes for mother-daughter as well as father-daughter and parent-son. As an artist, she will customize her hikes to meet your hiking and artistic specifications. Now, through Sedona Art Hikes, she brings her extensive creativity coaching expertise to encourage you on these art hikes into Sedona’s pristine back country.

The path Braylee Rush walked to get here had many hills and valleys. As an avid hiker, she explored the deep woods of Connecticut, the ancient mountains of New Mexico, and many points in between.  Here in Sedona, Braylee explored the easily accessible trails and the back country of this gorgeous red rock-blessed land. 

Since moving to Sedona in 2014, Braylee has hiked the red rocks 3-4 times weekly. Braylee developed a relationship with the places where she will take you on these glorious art hikes. As a hiker, Braylee selected the best locations for creating art and that’s where she will lead you. As a fine artist, she will help you see with an artist's eye and express what you see. 

No one else in Sedona has Braylee's unique combination of being an experienced artist, a nationally-known creativity coach, and an avid hiker who can show you the beautiful outdoor landscapes of Sedona as well as help you discover the interior landscapes of the creativity which resides within you. 

Whether you have painted a vision of artistic beauty which is hung with pride in the finest gallery in America or you simply made a drawing which once proudly adorned your family’s refrigerator, these art hikes are for you!

Types of Experiences and Trips Provided

Through Sedona Art Hikes (SAH), Braylee Rush will allow you to explore the exquisite beauty of this glorious red rock country. Braylee will lead you on your journey of self-discovery through painting to contact your own “artist within.” The high intent of art is to afford you a glimpse of the interior landscape. What better backdrop than the majestic grandeur of the red rock landscape to reflect the greatness within?

Through various artistic media (e.g., paint, acrylics, pastels, water colors), you can explore your understanding of art as a mode of expression for your hopes, dreams, and inner thoughts. You may choose to interpret the beauty of this land in abstract or realistic forms of creative expression. The art piece which you create will become a treasure to take home and remember your visit to Red Rock country.

A typical experience consists of: meeting you at the trail head, 30-45 minutes of hiking to our art-making destination on the red rocks, stopping to make art, and 30-45 minutes of hiking back to the trail head. 

You have choices for your hike location and duration. SAH has received permission from the Red Rock Ranger District to take you to predetermined locations at several trailheads for hikes lasting 2, 3, or 4 hours. There may be opportunities for day art hike retreats.

By sharing information on the unique history, geology, flora, and fauna of this area, you will garner an understanding of and enjoyment in the natural and cultural resources of the Coconino National Forest.


Eco-Friendly Notes

All sites selected by SAH are eco-friendly and are part of the U. S. Forest Service trails.

ADA Accessibility Notes

SAH is locally owned and operated by renowned artist, Braylee Rush.

Pet Friendly Notes

While pets are allowed on the trails, the art hikes have a no pets allowed rule during the art hikes. This helps maintain focus on nature and art.

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