Sedona Health and Healing

We assist individuals and groups through major transformation by working on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects simultaneously.

Through knowledge, an evolution in consciousness is activated from within that dissolves negative ego-states and resolves suffering at the root. Modalities include: Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, BodyTalk and Intentional Muscle-Testing, HeartMath, meditation and Contemplative Healing Retreats. Connect with us globally via phone and Skype or in person.

Whether you are a visitor or a resident of Sedona, a session at Sedona Health & Healing is sure to be transformative. 

  • Facilitating a change within consciousness that brings about healing – recognizing that the body is a reflection of the mind and as the mind changes, so does the body.
  • Treating the whole person and environment – recognizing that the environment often has to change for healing to occur and addressing the whole person rather than their symptoms.
  • Offering widespread access through alternative approaches, including sessions by telephone, Skype, in person, group treatments and healing retreats.


Jenine Gobbi, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, HeartMath Resilience Mentor

Sarah C Mowdy, MSOM, L.Ac. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


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Latitude: 34.862734 Longitude: -111.793255 Elevation: 4404 ft
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Jenine Gobbi

Hours Open

By Appointment: Monday 9:00 - 5:00; Tuesday 9:00 - 3:00; Wednesday 9:00 - 3:00; Thursday 10:00 - 5:00; Saturday mornings

Eco-Friendly Notes

ADA Accessibility Notes

Our clinic is accessible by elevator.


“Jakob brings to the table a Loving and Caring energy that is very unique in the healing community. In addition to that his intuition skills are out of this world and I can say he truly works from the level of the field. He gives 100% attention to the session and is a expert in his domain. His work on me has been transforming. I have seen changes in my spiritual life, relationships, work/business life and changes on the physical level as well. I can go on and on about the specifics and details but overall each time I have a session with him I know it will change my perception of life guaranteed!” Chetan, Charlotte, North Carolina

Chetan Amalean, 8/31/2015

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