Stutzman Gardens

We grow some of the best tomatoes in the state.  It is our belief that the Verde Valley has some of the best soil in the State for growing tomatoes that even people from Phoenix come here to pick and eat our heavenly fruits.

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Latitude: 34.555957 Longitude: -111.867038 Elevation: 3091 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Our farm is a U-Pick-Em garden which gives you the opportunity to see the fruit on the vine, pick the perfect ripeness you want and smell the wonderful smell of a garden.  Nothing like it.

Seasons Accessible

Summer, and pumpkins in the fall.

ADA Accessibility Notes

Parking directly in front of the garden, level ground and easy access to the plants.  There are also a variety of items already picked at the stand.

Pet Friendly Notes

Behaved and leashed okay

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