The Sedona Summer Solstice Festival

Featuring: Uqualla  Michael Mirdad  Sarah McLean  Druid Linda Mae

Performers: Mary Lou & Mario  Tina Reichow

Exhibitors: Healing Arts, Intuitives, Crafts…

The Summer Solstice marks the time when the Light is the greatest, which therefore means that it is greatest within us as well as without. It’s a time to purify ourselves and to bring ourselves to a whole new level of spiritual growth. It's time to celebrate this Light within ourselves and each other as we continue to bring each other to greater heights of awareness, which is reflected in the greater growth happening in the world around us. The sun's progress throughout the year is mirrored within us as our own progress on the path to awakening. The Summer Solstice marks the height of this journey and symbolizes the ascension and INcension that we are beginning to experience within ourselves. Come celebrate the Summer Solstice at Unity of Sedona as we fill with the Light of Spirit until our “cup runneth over,” and we walk back into the world as greater beacons of Light.

Bohemian/Renaissance attire is encouraged.

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Latitude: 34.860934 Longitude: -111.811441 Elevation: 4373 ft
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Event Dates

6/23/2018 – 6/23/2018

Admission Fee (if any)

55.00 (before June 10th) After $65.00 ~ includes catered lunch

Ages Festival is Appropriate For

18 and over

ADA Accessibility Notes

Location is hadicap accessible but restrooms do not accommodate wheelchairs

Pet Friendly Notes

Service animals only

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