The Sedona Wetlands Preserve

The Sedona Wetlands Preserve is a constructed wetlands that occupies approximately 27 acres  south of the Waste Water Reclamation Plant. The preserve provides some of the Verde Valley’s best habitat for waterfowl and various riparian species. While seasonally dependent, some of the more interesting birds found there are Cinnamon Teal, Yellow-headed Blackbird, Wilson’s Phalarope, Eared Grebe, American Pipit, Northern Harrier, Savannah Sparrow, Lesser Nighthawk, Marsh Wren, Common Yellowthroat, and 6 different swallows. In addition, various species of Gulls, Sandpiper and Sparrow are regularly seen.

The wetlands consist of six basins, with a total water surface area of approximately 12.2 acres or 9.6 million gallons. The water within these basins is supplied by effluent from the treatment plant and meets A+ Effluent Quality Standards. This is the highest treatment standard under current Arizona regulations. Processes consist of biological treatment, clarification, filtration, and ultra-violet (UV) disinfection.

Northern Arizona Audubon strongly encourages visitors to follow the rules posted at this facility. Because it is located adjacent to a wastewater treatment facility, it is particularly important not to leave the Preserve and trespass on the adjacent roads. The large retention pond north of the Preserve is screened by a fence and also is out of bounds.

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Latitude: 34.83014 Longitude: -111.89445 Elevation: 4048 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

The Preserve is part of the City of Sedona’s Parks and Recreation system and, as such, provides a range of facilities. There is a sizable graveled parking area, restrooms and shaded ramadas together with picnic benches.

In addition, the Preserve provides a series of trails that loop around the individual ponds. The trail nearest to the parking lot is handicapped accessible.

ADA Accessibility Notes

The trails, while dirt, are all graded flat and there are no steps or steep inclines. An elevated viewing platform offers views of the "Big Pond" (Loons have been seen here) and it has been built to completely ADA Accessible.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are permitted although they must be kept on a leash in accordance with the Parks rules of The City of Sedona.

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