Verde River Institute

The Verde River Institute works to help Arizona's policymakers understand how policies affect the health and sustainability of the Verde River. When policies are identified that are harmful to the future health of the River, or when new policies need to be implemented, we work with those responsible to help them make changes and refinements that include sensitivity to the flows of the Verde.

The Institute also conducts educational kayak trips along the "Verde River @ Clarkdale" stretch that familiarize selected cohorts of influential people like you with the values, economic and ecological benefits, threats to and cultural importance of a healthy flowing Verde River. The trip is a great way to learn how riparian conservation is accomplished, and how a river works to improve environments and economies locally.

To see a complete "Story Map" of these educational trips, please visit our map site.

Contact the Verde River Institute by emailing the Executive Director, Doug Von Gausig at or visit our website at for opportunities to work with the Institute to make the Verde River a healthier treasure!

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Latitude: 34.795178 Longitude: -112.058913 Elevation: 3379 ft
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Doug Von Gausig

What the Result Will Be

As more policymakers, "thought leaders," businesses and recreational enthusiasts become familiar with the benefits of a flowing river, we know that the future health and sustainability of the Verde River is ensured. The Verde River Institute works to strengthen beneficial policies, and the River and the economy of the Verde Valley are the beneficiaries.

As more people are exposed "up close and personal" through our kayak familiarization trips, local, state and Federal policymakers will be encouraged by their constituents to set policy based on how they will affect the health of the Verde River.

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