Walking through Clarkdale's history

Before you arrive, check the Clarkdale Events section of this site for lots of free happenings throughout the year.

Start your morning in the Clarkdale Historic District with a fresh brioche, organic rainforest coffee or other tasty treat from Violette’s Bakery Café at the Caboose at Ninth and Main Streets, and pick up your guide to the Clarkdale Historic Markers for a self-guided, walking tour of the history of Clarkdale.

On your walking tour, be sure to spend an hour or two in the fabulous, award-winning Arizona Copper Art Museum showcasing copper in all its glory.

Stroll across Main Street for the best burger and pizza in town at Scott's Main Street Cafe and Pizzeria. Be sure to order an Arizona brew and check out the local art.

Meander a block down to Ninth Street to the former Town infirmary and jail, now the Clarkdale Historical Society & Museum. Be sure to check out the local archival displays and grab a book or two of stories of our founders and our Yavapai-Apache neighbors.

Hop in the car for a three minute drive to the Tuzigoot National Monument and tour their interpretive center. Listen for the ancient voices as you explore the rare community complex created in the fourteenth century and re-discovered as a WPA project in the late 1920s.

You're sure to be thirsty by now. Come on back to Main Street for something to wet your whistle. Relax with local boutique wine and Arizona beer in the elegant, restored Bank of Arizona - now Four Eight Wineworks.

Your authentic Mexican dining experience is only steps away at Su Casa Mexican Restaurant and Cantina. Sunsets with margaritas on the patio are a must.

Conveniently across the parking lot is your hotel room at the Clarkdale Lodge, the former men's dormitory from the days of the smelter in Clarkdale. Women are now allowed in there after 9 PM.

Pleasant dreams!

Clarkdale Historic District
Clarkdale Historic District
Community | Historic Site or District
Founded in 1912, Clarkdale Historic District is on the National Registry. As homes to the managers, supervisors, and workers at the copper mine in Jerome, the town features a variety of early 20th century homes plus its original Town Park, home to many events, parties, and swings in the playground. Check out the stories highlighted on the historic markers. Rest awhile on a bench along Main Street. Enjoy the joy of small town America - still alive in Clarkdale.

The Clarkdale Historic District was added to the National Registrar in 1998.The district includes 50 blocks of the original town site founded in 1912. Clarkdale is one of the first master-planned communities in Arizona, built to provide housing…

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Arizona Copper Art Museum - Clarkdale, AZ
Arizona Copper Art Museum - Clarkdale, AZ
Museum, Theater, Interpretive Center | Museum
Be amazed at the variety and enormity of this collection, beautifully presented in a restored 20th century high school. The miners of Jerome extracted all this copper, and the Meinke Family brought it back. Well worth the stop!

Come see "What Arizona is famous for."

The Arizona Copper Art Museum is Arizona's newest Art Museum. Opened in December 2013, the museum features an absolutely amazing…

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Clarkdale Historical Society and Museum
Clarkdale Historical Society and Museum
Museum, Theater, Interpretive Center | Museum
Arizona's first planned community has great stories to tell. Check our the museum for all sorts of interesting tidbits about historic Clarkdale!

The Mission of the Clarkdale Historical Society & Museum is to ‘Provide an engaging museum experience rich in stories and artifacts while professionally stewarding our historical collections and building a sustainable organization for the future.’ …

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Tuzigoot National Monument
Tuzigoot National Monument
Natural Area | National Park or Monument
Those who originally lived in the Clarkdale area chose a spectacular site on which to locate their community. Come feel the magic of Tuzigoot and experience fabulous views of the area. The interpretive center, newly updated also presents pottery sherds - an interesting way to learn about the history of the site.

Tuzigoot National Monument is a former 110-room pueblo constructed in the 12th century and perched on a ridge about 120 feet above the Verde River Valley.  Built by the Southern Sinaguans, the residents probably used water from the Verde River to…

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Four Eight Wineworks
Four Eight Wineworks
Food or Drink | Winery or Winery Tasting Room
A wine-makers' incubator - who would have thought? Stop by and meet the up and coming Arizona wine makers and sample some history in the making. Four Eight Wineworks features wine you can only find here plus live music most every Friday evening. Come relax in the restored National Bank of Arizona building with some of the original furnishings, too.

The Four Eight Wineworks Tasting Room is located in Arizona’s first planned community, Historic Clarkdale Arizona and is situated on Main Street where “The Bank of Arizona” originally stood.  This magical little town has a wealth of history, and…

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Su Casa of Clarkdale Mexican Restaurant and Cantina
What could be better than margaritas on the patio on a balmy evening coupled with authentic Mexican food? Not much! Stop by Su Casa for friendly and speedy service and a tasty meal. Be sure to check out the salsa bar for those who can never have it too hot!

Su Casa Mexican Restaurant & Cantina 1000 Main St.

Clarkdale, AZ 86324(928) 634-2771

Located in the heart of historic Clarkdale Arizona, Su Casa offers a relaxed small-town dining experience. Fresh, traditional…

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The Clarkdale Lodge
The Clarkdale Lodge
Accommodation | Hotel or Motel
Rest easy in the spacious rooms of the Clarkdale Lodge. Recently updated to accommodate overnight stays, the sunsets from the patio are a relaxing way to end your day!

The Clarkdale Lodge is equipped with vacation apartments and is centrally located for your northern Arizona adventure! This great historic building was single men's lodging during Clarkdale's boom. (Ladies were not welcome after 4pm!)

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