Yavapai College Yoga Teacher Training and Service Program

Looking To Deepen Your Practice Of Yoga?

Whether you are a regular at your neighborhood yoga studio, or are just beginning your yoga practice, the Yavapai College Yoga Teacher Training and Service Program will take your practice beyond the postures to a truly life-transforming experience.

Our RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Certification program is fully accredited by Yoga Alliance, and not only covers the basics of yoga instruction, the anatomy and physiology of asana practice, and teaching methodologies, but also delves into ancient yoga philosophies like Ayurveda and the Yoga Sutras, exploring how to apply this ancient wisdom to our increasingly complex modern life.

The gorgeous setting of Sedona, Arizona is an intrinsic part of the Yavapai College Yoga Teacher Training & Service Program. We incorporate morning walking meditations, outdoor asana practices, and outdoor workshops held on the beautiful campus of our Yavapai College Sedona Center in our yoga teacher credentialing program.

Yes, You Do Have The Time, Even While On Vacation!

The beauty and simplicity of the Yoga Teacher Training & Service Program at Yavapai College is that you can complete the program no matter where you live... virtually anywhere in the world! All you need to do is to commit to spending two 9-day sessions in gorgeous Sedona, Arizona, and you'll earn your RYT-200 Yoga Teacher credentials at the end of the second session, provided you meet all program requirements.

You can even combine your yoga teacher credentialing with a family vacation. You might send the fam off to explore the sights and attractions of Sedona and the surrounding areas, while you spend the day becoming a certified yoga instructor.

Our "destination yoga program" in beautiful Sedona Arizona is perfect for anyone with a busy, active life, who would love to earn a RYT-200 hour yoga teaching credential, but cannot commit weekends for six months to a year or spend a month living in an ashram to do so.

It's Time For A Change...And You Can Do It!

Think about where you are in your life right now. Is the "status quo" in your life no longer acceptable?

Do you love taking hot yoga, flow, or basic asana classes at your local yoga studio, but want to take your practice beyond the postures?

Let's say you've heard about the more advanced practices of yoga like mindfulness, meditation -- even samadhi -- and want to experience them yourself?

Perhaps you're seeking to cultivate a greater sense of deep relaxation and inner peace for yourself -- maybe even encourage it in others?

Imagine sharing your love of yoga with others who would benefit from the practice. Free-form about developing or own style of yoga, running your own studio, or fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Whether you are looking for a career change toward your passion in life, or simply an opportunity for personal growth, the Yavapai College Yoga Teacher Training & Service Program -- based in the gorgeous setting of Sedona, Arizona -- is here for you!

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How to Participate

Please contact us for more information, we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the next training sessions.

Dates and Times

Training sessions are scheduled throughout the year.

Appropriate Ages

Age 16 and up

ADA Accessibility Notes

Accessible to all; accommodations may be arranged in advance.


My name is Suzy Gerwick. I live in the Village of Oak Creek since moving to Sedona to live full-time two years ago after my husband's retirement from a career in Indiana. We had our home in the Village as a 2nd home until his retirement to escape the Indiana weather. I learned about the Yoga Teacher Training through Barbara Litrell who is doing a fantastic job with the Mental Health Coalition of Verde Valley. I am becoming involved in that group. I arrived in Sedona with severe back pain issues that even ended up in my having to use a wheelchair or cane periodically and utilize pain medication. I decided to take my health care into my own hands rather than relying on dire forecasts from pain management doctors and even the Mayo Clinic. What better place to embark on healing of the body, mind (Depression certainly resulted from all my physical ailments and limitations) and increase the quality of life than in beautiful Sedona. For 2.5 years I have been taking individual yoga instruction twice a week (1.5 hours each session) which has been very therapeutic in all aspects of my life. I also learned how to practice mindfulness through intensive classes. Applying these practices in my life have given me a dramatic change in my physical abilities, emotional balance and positive outlook, and overall quality of life. Seeing my pain management doctor (who has performed many "pain blocks" and other procedures on me and has prescribed pain medications including morphine to help me cope with the unrelenting pain) is amazed and pleased at my recovery and progress. He says to "keep doing what you are doing, especially the yoga!" No longer do I have to take any pain medications or anti-depressants and have found the practices of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness have alleviated many of my anxiety issues, as well. Can you tell I am a "believer"? I would be very enthusiastic about taking this course, but do have some concerns. I am 61-years-old and although I am very flexible and can do most poses very well and I am gradually increasing the difficulty or progress I am achieving, my balance still needs a lot of attention after being in a wheelchair and using a cane. I am diligently working on improving my balance and posture and remind myself that this is a "practice", not something that is to be forced or to judge myself about. I did video my instructor on my iPad doing the Sun Salutations so that I can practice the transitions at home. I will understand if my age and limited amount of training would disqualify me from this exciting opportunity, but I hope not! Sincerely, Suzy (Suzanne) Gerwick 45 Rojo Vista Ct. Sedona, AZ 86351 sgerwick@gmail.com 317-508-0462

Suzy Gerwick, 3/13/2016

I am contacting for more information. Please send dates and times of training in Sedona. Also I would like information on scholarships. Namaste

Marj Haas marjhaas@att.net, 3/22/2016

Hi, I live in the VOC and am 55. I am ACE certified for group fitness and health coach. Have been practicing yoga on and off since 1998. Am interested in 200 hour yoga teacher certificate.

Rebecca Ellis, 7/12/2016

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